BODY TRANSFORMATION SPECIALIST Personal Training : Corporate Fitness : Weight Loss : Toning : Muscle Building
BODY TRANSFORMATION SPECIALISTPersonal Training : Corporate Fitness : Weight Loss : Toning :  Muscle Building    

Weight Loss & Toning

Feeling the effects of the Christmas celebrations? Over indulged?


Beat the post-holday blues and make your New Year's resolution a reality, get into shape and look great for 2017.


Our Personal Trainers are here to help you reach your fitness endeavours, keep you motivated and on track  to ensure you hit your goal. We'll also give you the best tips and tricks to maintain your health and fitness long term.


  • Nutritional advice to assist with fat loss and maintenance.
  • Fitness and Weight Management Circuits.
  • Cardio to burn that stuborn fat..
  • High Intensity Interval Training to get ripped.
  • Resistance Training to achieve that V taper, or X shape, toned legs, glutes, arms, back and stomach.


With healthy nutrition, a structured exercise program and hard work you'll be in the best shape ever, in time to show off your new body in spring.


Results guaranteed!


Try our 30 or 60 day Fat Loss and Toning programs, click on the buttons below.

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