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BODY TRANSFORMATION SPECIALISTPersonal Training : Corporate Fitness : Weight Loss : Toning :  Muscle Building    

Home Workouts 

Home Workouts  - More and more individuals are training at home to either avoid expensive gym memberships, busy gyms or just don't feel comfortable training in one.


Our trainers can put together a bespoke training program for you using the equipment you already have or can advise on fitness equipment you may wish to purchase to set up your own home gym.  


Even on a small budget and with a little imagination you can create your own gym, like resistance bands (a substitute for weights), pilates ball (an alternative exercise bench). On the other hand if you have a larger budget you can invest in small light commercial multi gyms like Body-Solid or Vectra, some of these peices of kit can provide up to 25 exercises on one workstation, great for both home and for a small office/work gym.


Workplace Gyms - We offer a Gym Planning/Layout Service and can advise on the right type of equipment for your staff and quantity of equipment required acording to the size of the proposed gym. If the equipment is sourced carefully it may not cost as much as you think.


Workplace gyms are great for recruitment and retention and can also reduce sickness absence.


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