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Before                                              14 weeks later

My passion has always been Martial Arts. I studied Shotokan Karate and Taekwondo for 15 years and gained Black Belt instructor grades in both disciplines respectively. I ultimately represented UK nationally and subsequently opened my own club in Milton Keynes.


The Martial Arts eventually took their toll on the body and as I got older I struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


I felt tired, and lacked the motivation to exercise. Unfortunately, with the stresses of work and barriers of life I experienced significant weight gain. I was so busy dealing with the day to day issues of life I didn't really notice how much weight I had actually put on!


I began to accept that at my age I wasn't meant to be in good shape, and used that as an excuse to fuel my unhealthy life style.


I reached a point of realisation when I saw myself in a changing room mirror, I hated what I saw, I looked old and fat! I realised that my body had become something I didn't feel was me, and I had to do something before it was too late. That image is burned into my mind, however it definitely lit a spark which motivated me to get started immediately. That was the one most important decision of my life!


So, I committed to a self designed structured weight training and cardio program.

14 weeks later the results are what you see below.


I am without doubt, fitter and healthier now and feel 20 years younger! I'm stronger, leaner, faster and more productive whilst at work and home.


My story isn't about genetic luck or random chance, it's about finding methods, mentors and techniques which make you better, stronger, leaner and healthier.


Personnally, I don't like to self-indulge and publish pictures of myself, but I hope this acts as a catalist to get YOU started on your fitness journey.


Happy training.

I've maintained my physique with good nutrition and regular exercise and in

2019 I started another transformation to add lean muscle mass.


Please feel free to compare my results with other Personal Trainers results, I think you'll be surprised at the quality of the transformations we can achieve!



Interested in how I achieved this?


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